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The Internet of things (IoT) is ready to be integrated into our society in the near future through the development of high-performance electronic devices, sensors and wireless technologies. As this trend accelerates, we will co-exist with various artifacts far beyond our preparations and imagination.
The realization of the advanced IoT society will certainly require high-performance, low-cost, presumably highly-flexible and freely-designed, yet highly-reliable batteries. However, current lithium-ion batteries have complicated structures and requested extra parts, which end up with lengthy and intricate manufacturing processes.
In order to solve those fundamental problems of current batteries, APB is dedicated to providing the next-generation lithium-ion battery named "All Polymer Battery."
Next Generation Lithium-ion Battery
The basic structure of lithium-ion batteries has not changed since they were put into practical use, and it could be said that there have been eventually no key solutions to clear and present issues such as complicated manufacturing processes and potential risks of catching fire/explosion.
As the range of applications of lithium-ion batteries has been expanded from consumer-use to automotive and industrial-use, APB has pursued “what batteries should be” and conducted in-depth reviews of the essential structural concept for the future advanced batteries, and parts and raw materials of the next-generation.
To establish the principle concept for the future high-performance batteries, we have reinvented a bipolar structure that makes electric/ionic currents flow across a cell perpendicular to electrode planes with the original combination of polymers as basic materials to unify the whole battery structures and functions.
Through the adoption of key technologies, the All Polymer Battery is characterized by outstanding features in terms of high performance (e.g. specific energy), low cost by means of the simplest structure and manufacturing processes, and high reliability under abuse conditions.
Polymers and a bipolar structure
transcend the limits of any
existing battery
3D Polymer electrode with
multi-functional polymer interface
Current collector
made of polymer
All Polymer Batteries can accommodate
limitless applications
Company Overview
Company Name
APB Corporation
Hideaki Horie
Head Office Location
PMO Kanda Manseibashi (3F),
1-3-9 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda, Tokyo,
October 2018
Business Area
R&D, production and sales of Li-ion batteries
Developed the concept of bipolar structured batteries with polymer electrolytes
Structured the new battery concept based on the ideas on Li-ion and electron
Started R&D on Gel Polymer and resin current collector with Sanyo Chemical (SCI)
Completed basic R&D on APB and started to develop production processes
Founded APB Corporation with Keio Innovation Initiative (KII)
Invested by SCI, the R&D partner
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